Going All The Way (The Boy Next Door)

Going All The Way is the first book in the Kiss The Bride Series by Cynthia Cooke

Carrie Steinhem wants one thing from life—to find peace. She has been burning the candle at both ends and has the scorch marks to prove it. She returns home to San Francisco to focus on her artwork, relax, and hang out with her friends. A stress-free life. Until a man moves in next door who pushes all her buttons. Between Ryan and his dog, Riley, life is anything but peaceful. But it sure is a whole lot more fun.

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All Night Long (A Valentine’s Fake Engagement)

All Night Long is the second book in the Kiss The Bride Series by Cynthia Cooke

When a fake engagement might be the answer to both their problems, Phoebe and Beau suddenly find the real deal might not be so bad after all.

At a wedding planner’s convention on a snowy mountain, Phoebe Lawson is one step closer to fulfilling her dream of being a wedding planner. Until she literally drops into a snowdrift. Rescued by a Saint Bernard and his handsome owner, she thought her luck was turning, until Beau asks a favor. He needs a fiancé. But the only vow Phoebe wants to keep is the one she’s made to herself—no men until her dream career is achieved.

Beau is managing a bar in the small ski village but the owner of the building and adjoining hotel promised Beau’s late dad he wouldn’t sell Beau the bar until he gets married. Beau doesn’t believe in true love, nor does he believe in derailing his life to find a wife. Pushed against the wall and feeling out of options, Beau creates a fake engagement, and now he’s found the perfect fake fiancé.

A fake engagement, a Saint Bernard rescue on a snowy mountain, and suddenly this Valentine’s Day, Beau and Phoebe might discover the dream they really want is each other.

 All My Loving (The Pretend Boyfriend)

All My Loving is the third book in the Kiss The Bride Series by Cynthia Cooke

Pretending to be in a relationship with the best man seems a small price for Naomi to pay to make sure her ex-fiancee doesn’t ruin her best friend’s wedding. Sharing wedding duties with the drop-dead gorgeous best man is easy and just the distraction she needs to keep her mind off her ex. Until suddenly, this best man is all she can think about. Andrew is enjoying spending time with the lovely bridesmaid. While she barely remembers him, he never forgot the auburn-haired beauty he left behind when he was deployed several years earlier. He has almost believes they can stop pretending, except she’s still hung up on her ex. He isn’t about to risk his heart to play second fiddle in this wedding march. The sooner his buddy kisses his bride and goes back home, the better.

All I Want Is You (A High Seas Billionaire Romance!)

All I Want Is You, is the fourth book in the Kiss The Bride Series by Cynthia Cooke

If Ewan isn’t careful, he’ll lose a whole lot more than the deal, he’ll lose his heart.

Paige Rivers is not someone who can spontaneously do things on the fly. She is a planner. She likes to prepare. Now, Ewan, her boss is insisting she go on a client’s cruise ship to help him win a contract. Ewan is Paige’s worst nightmare. Tall, tanned, muscular… charming! To make matters worse, he holds the future to her company in his hands. And now he’s playing games. Ewan of Stonewood Industries is pushed against the wall. His board of directors is insisting he makes cuts his investments. He creates a contest—whoever helps him win a high-stakes contract, gets to stay. Until he discovers he wants one of the women in his bed, not in his boardroom, spelling disaster for them both. There will only be one winner in this game, and if Ewan isn’t careful, he’ll lose a lot more than the deal. He’ll lose his heart.

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