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Christmas In Granite Falls (Heartwarming, Sweet, Small-Town Romance)

RELEASING 12/23/2021 – Granite Falls Series Book 1

A grieving widow moves to a small town to rebuild her life and discovers a kindred spirit in one of her kindergarten students who’d lost her mother. They could help each other heal if the child’s uncle didn’t fight them at every turn. Can the spirit of Christmas help a grieving heart find joy in the season?

After her husband dies in a brutal attack, Abby Giles can no longer face the busy streets outside her townhouse. When her sister offers her a new job teaching kindergarten, she takes it determined to make a fresh start in the small North Carolina Mountain town.

Abby loves her new home and her new job, and her students. One, in particular, is dealing with the loss of a loved one, and though Abby wants to help her. She clashes with the girl’s uncle at every turn. He doesn’t appreciate her help nor does he believe Grace is ready to face her mother’s death. None of them were.

Yet, he finds himself drawn to the pretty teacher who might teach him a thing or two the true meaning of healing and the spirit of Christmas.

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Fighting for Bailey (Heartwarming, Sweet, Small-Town Romance): Granite Falls

A single dad must fight with all he has to keep his newborn daughter, even if it means accepting help from the woman who broke his heart when she left him.

Nick Carr takes one look at his newborn baby girl and knows he’ll do anything to keep her. His sweet baby’s mother didn’t survive the delivery, and now her parents are fighting him for custody of his daughter. They are well connected and influential. He has a lot of mistakes to make up for. But for Bailey, he’ll do whatever it takes.

Seven years earlier, Gillian Barnes broke Nick’s heart when she left Granite Falls and married another. At the time, she didn’t want to come back to the small town of Granite Falls, and he never wanted to leave. Now, she’s returned, and her life is in shambles. Her husband’s in jail awaiting trial; her body’s battered from a car accident, and her heart is broken from the loss of a child.

Gillian isn’t sure what to do with the rest of her life, but she suddenly knows what she’s going to do right then. She’s going to help Nick fight for his baby.

Only her husband has other plans. After being released from jail, he’s tying up loose ends and rebuilding his life along with his criminal enterprise.

Gillian is horrified to discover he’s not planning on letting her go.

Grief is a funny thing. It can tear people apart, and it can stitch them back together. As Gillian and Nick begin to heal, they find their purpose. Gillian won’t let Nick lose his child. Nick won’t let Gillian’s husband take her away from him again.

Together, they find the love they once shared, but can they trust it enough to let it save them? Can that love give them what it takes to fight against all odds and build the family they’ve both been longing for?

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Finding Home (Heartwarming, Sweet, Small-Town Romance): Granite Falls

A schoolgirl’s fantasy becomes a reality when in a moment of passion, she throws caution to the wind, realizes her fondest dream, and conceives a lie that will be her biggest obstacle to finding true love.

Home is supposed to be a safe place filled with people who always have your back and never lie. That’s what home should be. Too bad for Ben it’s not, nor has it ever been. After finding his brother in bed with his fiancé, Ben runs and never returns. Until he has to.

Samantha Carr’s timing has always been off. She doesn’t trust Ben will stick around once he discovers the truth—he is the father of her son, Jamie. Ben believes he has finally found a woman who will be completely honest with him. Through her, he is learning to love and to forgive—to find his way home. But things aren’t always what they seem.

Sam has been given a second chance to make things right for her family and Bens. Will she take it, or will she let fear shatter her dreams?

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Falling for the Sheriff (Heartwarming, Sweet, Small-Town Romance): Granite Falls

A witness to her best friend’s brutal murder, Callie must remember who the killer is and stop him from coming after her again.

After a vicious attack at her bakery leaves Callie Andrews in the hospital and her best friend and business partner dead, Callie wakes certain her friend’s husband is her killer, but can’t remember why. Hiding out in the small town of Granite Falls under the protection of small-town sheriff, Josh Halloway, she thinks she’s safe. But even in small towns, danger lurks.

Josh has been battling a hidden threat. Someone has been making and distributing drugs in his small town, and people are starting to die. Who is really after Callie? What if her memories are wrong? Danger lurks around every corner, and they have no idea where it will come from next.


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