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All I Want is You!


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All I Want Is You, is the fourth book in the Kiss The Bride Series by Cynthia Cooke

If Ewan isn’t careful, he’ll lose a whole lot more than the deal, he’ll lose his heart. 

Paige Rivers is not someone who can spontaneously do things on the fly. She is a planner. She likes to prepare. Now, Ewan, her boss is insisting she go on a client’s cruise ship to help him win a contract. Ewan is Paige’s worst nightmare. Tall, tanned, muscular… charming! To make matters worse, he holds the future to her company in his hands. And now he’s playing games. Ewan of Stonewood Industries is pushed against the wall. His board of directors is insisting he makes cuts his investments. He creates a contest—whoever helps him win a high-stakes contract, gets to stay. Until he discovers he wants one of the women in his bed, not in his boardroom, spelling disaster for them both. There will only be one winner in this game, and if Ewan isn’t careful, he’ll lose a lot more than the deal. He’ll lose his heart.

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