Deadly Secrets Series

Some Secrets Are Too Deadly To Share With Anyone!


The Deadly Secrets Series offers high-octane romantic suspense that keeps you guessing until the very end.

Decades ago, the Counter Terrorist Agency (CTA) embarked on a controversial program, delving into the realms of the sixth senses. Pregnant women, including Amelia Marsters, became unwitting subjects of their unethical experiments. Now, her triplet daughters find themselves at the forefront, using their extraordinary abilities to aid others like them—individuals born with special gifts, marked as targets for their powers.

As the Marsters sisters navigate a world that fears and seeks to control them, they must unravel the mysteries of their own origins while safeguarding those who share their unique heritage. With the weight of their shared past and the ever-looming threat of persecution, they forge a path of resistance, determined to protect the innocents and expose the dark secrets hidden within the agency that birthed them.

Deadly Secrets Loving Lies is the first book in the exciting psychic romantic suspense series – Deadly Secrets

Love and loyalty clash in a deadly game of survival, where trust is shattered, secrets hold the ultimate power, and hearts are torn between desire and duty.

Having once been a formidable counter-terrorism agent, Genie Marsters is well-versed in self-preservation. However, when a group of masked assailants breaches her secluded desert refuge, she finds herself overwhelmed by their numbers. The last person she anticipates coming to her aid is Kyle Montgomery—her former partner, ex-lover, and betrayer.

Kyle’s heart still carries the wounds of Genie’s alleged betrayal against their unit, yet his desire for her continues to burn fiercely. As they reluctantly team up to survive the dangerous predicament, their conflicted emotions threaten to unravel the tenuous trust they once shared. With the weight of Genie’s closely guarded secrets looming over them, they must confront their past and navigate a treacherous path, where love and loyalty collide with deadly consequences.

Johnny’s Girl is the second book in the exciting psychic romantic suspense series – Deadly Secrets.

In a dangerous game of betrayal and desire, an undercover agent must unravel the truth behind his ex-girlfriend’s murder while navigating a treacherous romance with the cop determined to uncover his darkest secrets.

Counter-terrorist agent Johnny Garino is on the trail of a deadly terrorist when a disturbing call shatters his focus. The lifeless body of his high-school sweetheart is discovered in a mine on his family ranch, and he finds himself thrust into the role of the prime suspect.

Gemma Connors, a dedicated small-town cop, refuses to believe that Johnny, the boy she once loved, could be responsible for their old friend’s death. But as another body surfaces, it becomes chillingly clear that a killer lurks among them, and their community is gripped by fear. Time is of the essence to stop the relentless murderer.

Caught between his duty to the CTA and his lingering love for Gemma, Johnny faces an agonizing choice. Lives hang in the balance as he races against the clock, determined to uncover the truth, save innocent lives, and confront a killer who shows no mercy. The past intertwines with the present in a web of deception, where love and justice collide, pushing Johnny to his limits in a battle for redemption and survival.

Buried Secrets is the third book in the exciting psychic romantic suspense series – Deadly Secrets

In a high-stakes game of danger and desire, trust becomes the ultimate weapon.

As the newest member of the Counter Terrorism Agency (CTA), Chet Daniels is tasked with safeguarding Jayne Michaels from a notorious terrorist. But Jayne proves to be a formidable challenge, as their fiery exchanges become the highlight of Chet’s day, blurring the lines between duty and desire.

Reluctantly bound together, Jayne leads Chet to her childhood home, desperate to uncover the truth behind the relentless targeting she endures. Yet, with each revelation about her family’s hidden secrets, Jayne’s trust in anyone wavers, including her own aunt, the CTA, and even the bodyguard who unexpectedly captures her heart.

As danger escalates and loyalties are tested, Chet and Jayne must confront a web of deceit and betrayal, navigating a treacherous path where every decision could mean the difference between life and death. In their race against time, love becomes both their greatest strength and their most dangerous vulnerability.

The Lies Between Us is the fourth book in the exciting Psychic Romantic Suspense Series!

In the battle for her marriage, Cat will defy all odds to conquer a drug lord and rescue her kidnapped husband.

As an undercover FBI agent, Tom Phillips meticulously constructs a case against a notorious drug lord, relying on his confidential informant. But when his CI vanishes without a trace, Tom finds himself captured and devoid of hope—until his wife takes unimaginable actions…

Cat’s world crumbles as her husband goes missing, forcing her to abandon her promise of concealing her extraordinary abilities. Tom’s clandestine existence has placed them all in peril, and it’s time for him to uncover the truth about who she truly is and the remarkable powers she possesses.

In a dangerous game where trust is scarce, Tom and Cat must confront their secrets and navigate a treacherous path. As the boundaries between loyalty and betrayal blur, they embark on a perilous journey to rescue Tom, fighting against ruthless enemies and a web of deceit that threatens to consume them both.

Praise for The Lies Between Them

5 stars – Amazon — Don’t miss out on a book that you won’t want to put down until the final page. I highly recommend reading it. – Laura Furuta

5 stars – Amazon — Think the movie “Mr and Mrs Smith” crossed with the tv show “Charmed.”
I enjoyed every second of the story. It is a quick read that packs a full story. – Jedi family

4 stars – Amazon — I highly suggest reading all of the books in this series as they are just as great as this one. – Bobbi Jo Wagner

In a world of danger and betrayal, can Lone Wolf, Becca Marsters conquer her darkest fears and find love amidst the chaos before an obsessed terrorist destroys her?

Brace yourself for a heart-pounding journey as Becca Marsters, the Lone Wolf, confronts an enemy from her past who murdered her father. Emerich, an adversary she once allowed too close, resurfaces with a vengeance, abducting her dearest friend and igniting a storm of vengeance and redemption.

As Emerich methodically rebuilds his terrorist organization, Becca forges an alliance with the elite Counter Terrorism Agency, placing her unwavering trust in their leader, Josh Cameron.

Bound by duty and against every forbidden impulse, Cameron finds himself ensnared in a forbidden love for the untouchable blonde. Yet, with danger lurking at every turn, indulging these feelings could prove fatal, putting all their lives on the line.

With time running out, Becca must unravel her own instincts and embrace the power of teamwork if she hopes to have a chance at success. In the throes of battle, will she surrender her heart to Cameron’s unwavering grasp, and if she does, will that put a target on his back?

Together, they must defy the odds and triumph over Emerich’s schemes, protecting not only their lives but the lives of those they love. Prepare for a high-stakes battle where survival and love hang in a precarious balance.