Bent Elbow Press Author Services

Do you have a book finished but don’t know how to publish it? Is the thought of learning the multitude of details and guidelines for each retailer too daunting? Bent Elbow Press in Sunset Beach, NC might be the answer for you.

Bent Elbow Press à la carte author services help you with all your publishing needs

• E-book and Print Formatting:    $50.00 – E-book Formatting to bookseller-specific guidelines for Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Nook Press, and Apple Books. 

• Book Covers:    $85.00 (ebook), $125 (print)

• Social Media Memes – 10 memes – $10 

• Retailer uploading services:   $25.00 per retailer – Uploading ebooks to specific bookseller retailers with appropriate backmatter links using your login info

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