Deadly dreams draw two hearts together and into the sites of a serial killer! Only by facing their fears will both survive.

Edge-of-your-Seat Psychic Suspense!

Death follows Devra Morgan wherever she goes. Some call her dreams a gift; she calls them a curse. Every time the killer finds her, she runs again. This time he leads the police to her doorstep, forcing her to stop running and play his deadly game.

New Orleans Detective, Riley MacIntyre, is hot on the trail of his sister-in-law’s killer–which leads him straight to Miss Devra Morgan. She knows more than she is saying. She’s not the killer. But is she working with him? Or is she his next target?

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Jessica dreams of death–now Death has found her.

Jessica Barnes, a psychic dreamer, has been on the run for most of her life, escaping a serial killer who invades her dreams making her watch as he slaughters the innocent. Each time he finds her, she escapes. Only this time, he has chosen her as his next victim.

A Security Agent with the Titan Agency, Adam LaSalle, is no stranger to death. He saw his share as an MP in the Army, but the hardest death of all was that of his sister—torn from this world too soon. Now her killer is targeting the woman he has sworn to protect. The woman he has grown to love. 

To stop this killer Jessica will have to do the unthinkable and let death in, forming a connection with a madman. And to stay alive? She’ll need to keep her Eyes Wide Open.