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Undercover Justice: Small Town, Inspirational Romantic Suspense (Granite Falls Book 6)

Jacquie Halloway is a cop who guards her heart as strictly as she guards her sidearm. Only now sh

An undercover cop set on a collision course with a handsome youth minister must keep him and the kids in his youth group from falling into the hands of a brutal killer.

They say opposites attract, and with these two it’s certainly true. He’s a youth minister trying to protect his kids, she’s an undercover cop, a disaster in spades, only by working together can they can find the justice they both so desperately need, and save the life of a thirteen year-old girl.

Unarmed and out of her element, undercover cop, Kara Barnett, backpacks through the BlueRidge Mountains trying to find the youth minister and his six young charges before a killer reaches them. Can she save the kids, along with her case, or will confiding in the handsome minister who she is, and why she’s really there, spell disaster for them all?

Nathan Brady has already lost one child to the streets when a runaway he was trying to help ran into the wrong person. He won’t let that happen again. He will keep his young charge, Nicki, safe, even if he has to protect her from the very pretty undercover cop who has one thing on her mind—vengeance at any cost.

He wishes he could help Kara, but she’s lost sight of what really matters in this world. The gift’s God’s given her—love and friendship. Until she can get past her father’s murder, she will never be able to let herself be happy. He won’t let her drag him into her troubles. Or will he?

When Nicki is taken, the two will have to work together and cross all boundaries to rescue the girl before she is lost for good. Can they trust in each other, and find Nicki before it’s too late?

This is a book about a youth minister who carries the weight of the child he lost to the streets, and an undercover cop who is relentless in her pursuit of justice for her father’s death. Only by letting go of their anger and learning to work together will they be able to heal what’s been broken. Before it’s too late.

e’s forced to work with Chase McKenzie, the man who left her eight years earlier and never returned. Jacquie recovered and built a life without him, only now he’s back, and she’s in trouble, and worse his brother might be the one responsible.

As the founder and owner of Guardian Securities, Chase’s job is protecting his clients, but now he’s asked to protect Jacquie Halloway, the woman he once loved and left. Since he’s been gone, danger has moved into the small town he and Jacquie grew up in. The town he was forced to leave to protect his brother. The town he swore he’d never return to. Only now, his brother is at the heart of the drug crimes happening in Granite Falls, and Jacquie is in the crosshairs of a killer.

Can he stop his brother, and save Jacquie without losing his heart again?


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About Granite Falls!

Granite Falls seems like the perfect small town, filled with friendships, love and laughter, and just enough intrigue to keep it interesting. But not everything is what it seems, secrets and danger lurk around every corner. Undercover Justice is the sixth book in this sweet, heartwarming, small-town series where light always shines through the darkness and happily ever afters can always be found. If you like a little danger mixed in with your love, then Granite Falls in the town for you. 


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