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Deadly Secrets Series

Some Secrets Are Too Deadly To Share With Anyone!

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A drug lord, a kidnapping, another woman—to save her marriage, Cat must fight them all.

Undercover FBI agent, Tom Phillips, is building a case against a known drug lord, but his confidential informant has disappeared. Tom’s captured trying to rescue his CI and loses all hope until his wife does the unthinkable…

Cat’s husband is missing. To find him, she must break her promise—hiding her extraordinary abilities is no longer an option. Tom’s double life has put them all in danger. It’s time he discovered who she is, and what she is capable of.

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Some secrets are too deadly to share…with anyone.
As a former counter-terrorism agent, Genie Marsters knows how to take care of herself. But when masked men invade her desert hideaway, she’s outnumbered. The last thing she expects is a rescue, especially from Kyle Montgomery. Her ex-partner. Her ex-lover. Her betrayer.
Kyle’s sure Genie betrayed him and their unit, and while she still makes his blood burn—in all the right ways—in this game of lies and deception, Genie is still hiding the biggest secret yet.
Her secret could be the most deadly weapon of all. 
A high-octane romantic suspense that will keep you guessing until the very end.


Counter-terrorist Agent, Johnny Garino is hot on the trail of a deadly terrorist, until he gets a call. The body of his high-school sweetheart has been found in a mine on his family ranch and he is the number one suspect.

Small town cop, Gemma Connors doesn’t believe Johnny, the boy she once loved, had anything to do with the death of their old friend, but after another body is found, it’s clear they have a killer living among them. And he’s not done.

This killer must be stopped and fast. Torn between his mission with the CTA and the woman he never stopped loving, Johnny has a choice to make and lives to save.

And he’s running out of time.

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Chet Daniels, the newest member of the Counter-Terrorism Agency (CTA) is trying to keep Jayne safe from a known terrorist, but she isn’t making it easy. When fighting with Jayne becomes the highlight of Chet’s day, he knows he’s in trouble.

Unable to shake Chet loose, Jayne takes him to her childhood home hoping to discover why she’s being targeted. The deeper she delves into her family’s secrets, the more she fears there isn’t anyone she can trust. Not her aunt, not the CTA, and not even the bodyguard who’s stolen her heart.

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