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Christmas in Granite Falls – Book 1 in the Granite Falls Series!

A precocious kindergartener, a runaway bunny, and a handsome contractor are rebuilding Abby’s faith in love over the holidays.

A grieving widow moves to a small town to rebuild her life and discovers a kindred spirit in one of her kindergarten students who’d lost her mother. They could help each other heal if the child’s uncle didn’t fight them at every turn. Can the spirit of Christmas help a grieving heart find joy in the season?

After her husband dies in a brutal attack, Abby Giles can no longer face the busy streets outside her townhouse. When her sister offers her a new job teaching kindergarten, she takes it determined to make a fresh start in the small North Carolina Mountain town.

Abby loves her new home and her new job, and her students. One, in particular, is dealing with the loss of a loved one, and though Abby wants to help her. She clashes with the girl’s uncle at every turn. He doesn’t appreciate her help nor does he believe Grace is ready to face her mother’s death. None of them were.

Yet, he finds himself drawn to the pretty teacher who might teach him a thing or two the true meaning of healing and the spirit of Christmas.

Granite Falls seems like the perfect small town, filled with friendships, love and laughter, and just enough intrigue to keep in interesting. This is the first book in the Granite Falls series!

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A single dad must fight with all he has to keep his newborn daughter, even if it means accepting help from the woman who broke his heart when she left him.

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A schoolgirl’s fantasy becomes a reality when in a moment of passion, she throws caution to the wind, realizes her fondest dream, and conceives a lie that will be her biggest obstacle to finding true love.

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A witness to her best friend’s brutal murder, Callie must remember who the killer is and stop him from coming after her again.

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Deadly dreams draw two hearts together-and into the sites of a serial killer! Only by facing their fears will both survive.

Edge-of-your-Seat Suspense!

Death follows Devra Morgan wherever she goes. Some call her dreams a gift; she calls them a curse. Every time the killer finds her, she runs again. This time he leads the police to her doorstep, forcing her to stop running and play his deadly game.

New Orleans Detective, Riley MacIntyre, is hot on the trail of his sister-in-law’s killer–which leads him straight to Miss Devra Morgan. She knows more than she is saying. She’s not the killer. But is she working with him? Or is she his next target?

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