New Christmas Release!

Jenni’s Christmas Gift

A Pineville Christmas Book 6

Falling for a down-on-his-luck cowboy was never part of Jenni’s plan. Pretending to be engaged to raise funds for her rescue foundation was. She’d do anything for her rescue animals, but how was she to know her cowboy had a big secret, and that their two worlds were about to collide? 

When Jenni’s problems fall faster and harder than a New Hampshire snow storm, she’s going to need more than a shovel to save her rescue animals, she’s going to need the help and trust of a handsome stranger.

Jenni’s Rescue Foundation is at risk of being shut down!

How did that happen? Jenni has thrown her heart and soul into her foundation, but everything is going wrong. Now she’s forced to do the unthinkable to get donations—fake an engagement to a handsome soldier fresh out of the military. She can make this sacrifice. For the animals. The fact that Bryce is drop-dead gorgeous will help soften the blow, won’t it?

Bryce can’t hide in Lincoln’s barn any longer. If he wants his trust fund, worth millions, he’ll have to work for the family business in Boston—the last place on earth he wants to be. What he would love to do is spend more time with Jenni, help her with her foundation, and live in the enchanting Christmas town of Pineville. But if he does, he’ll be broke. 

Will Jenni still want him? Will she still trust him when she finds out he hasn’t been honest about who he is? Can she forgive him for the secrets he’s kept?

In Pineville, Christmas dreams do come true, but the path to trust and forgiveness can be a bumpy, heartfelt ride.

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