Dream a little dream…

Dreams: Sometimes illuminating, something disturbing, and even though we don’t always remember them, experts say we dream three to six times a night and each dream lasts between 5 to 20 minutes.

Then why does it seem like they go on the whole night?

Do they represent our hidden desires? Help us process memories and things that happened during the day?

Researchers have speculated that dreaming serves the following functions:

  • memory reprocessing, in which the brain consolidates learning and memory tasks
  • preparing for possible future threats
  • a unique state of consciousness that incorporates the present, processed of the past, and prepares for the future
  • a psychological space where overwhelming, contradictory, or highly complex notions can be brought together by the dreaming ego, notions that would be unsettling while awake, serving the need for psychological balance and equilibrium

We still don’t know a lot about our dreams but new research techniques may help improve our understanding of dreams. (The information above was found here – https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/284378)

In my Romantic Thriller Shiver Devra dreams of death. Not just ordinary dreams. She’s psychically linked to a killer, seeing through his eyes in real time. Watching him kill women who look a lot like her. She knows details of the crimes no one else does, but not enough to stop him from killing.

Or from coming after her next. Because now he knows she watching… And he knows where she is.

Deadly dreams draw two hearts together-and into the sites of a serial killer. Only by facing their fears will both survive. 

Death follows Devra Morgan wherever she goes. Some call her dreams a gift; she calls them a curse. Every time the killer finds her, she runs again. This time he leads the police to her doorstep, forcing her to stop running and play his deadly game.

New Orleans Detective, Riley MacIntyre, is hot on the trail of his sister-in-law’s killer–which leads him straight to Miss Devra Morgan. She knows more than she is saying. He doesn’t believe she is the killer.

But is she working with him, or is she his next target?

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Dream a little dream…

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